My Background


"As a Bay Area native I was raised with exercise as part of my DNA."


The opportunity for year round activity was endless and I took full advantage of the incredible lakes, mountains, and weather that California has to offer. You could find me on a baseball diamond, a wakeboard, the gym court or a ski slope. Being active and healthy was essential to my happiness.

In high school I experienced a potential “career ending” sports injury, which actually turned out to be a true gift. Through the process of diagnosis, treatment and recovery I never stopped asking questions of the doctors, nurses and physical therapists. It was during these months that I learned I had a passion for understanding the strength and resilience of the human body.

Fast-forward 15 years later and I am living my dream as a fitness coach. I earned a bachelor of science in Kinesiology (Fitness, Nutrition, and Health) from San Diego State University. While in Southern California I held an internship with Fitness Quest run by Personal Trainer of the Year Todd Durkin. Todd continues to be a mentor to me, sharing new developments in the fitness industry.

Multiple certifications (N.S.C.A. - CPT) – what does that mean to the average person? Advanced classes in exercise and nutrition, and the past 9 years as a fitness coach has helped me hewn my own approach to help my clients obtain their fitness goals. 


My Approach


It is my job to help my clients unleash their “inner athlete”. After a thorough assessment we will create a tailored program for your individual fitness level. I will use researched methodology as well as coaching on nutrition and lifestyle choices and you’ll see results. You’ll learn that your fitness goals are attainable and realistic.

I love my work and that impacts how I come to work every day. I am prepared, committed, informed, and happy to see my clients. I am a listener – I listen very closely to what my client’s goals are during their first consultation and subsequent sessions. Every time we meet I know where we are headed so that on that particular day I pick the right mix of exercise and strength training. 


My Clients

My clients range from young adult athletes who are trying to strengthen or improve a particular area in their performance. To busy people who need to make the most of their limited time. I have clients with new goals because they are recovering from injuries. My clients have been as young as 13 and as old as 102.


I would love to hear from you. 

The biggest fear I hear from first time clients is “I’m afraid of what you are going to make me do, you’re going to kill me”. Don’t worry, I think my clients would say our sessions are realistic and inspiring, it’s about finding your inner athlete and becoming a healthier you.